Sentaro Iwata was born in Asakusa district of Toyko.

He studied with Ito Shinsui and later made newspaper and magazine illustrations until WWII. He is mainly known, however, for his woodblock prints of bijin (beautiful women) woodblock prints are known by the artist which were published by the big publishing houses, like Takamizawa, Adachi, Kato Junji and Watanabe Shozaburo. Tatsumi Shimura and Sentaro Iwata were the most famous rivals.

Produced the series Hanga Bijin Meisaku Sen – Compilation of Masterpieces of Bijin Woodblock Prints, published between 1960-70.

Later produced a limited edition set “Shirabai” (White Plum) published as a collaboration by a number of publishers – Watanabe, Kato Hanga, Adachi – and distributed in 1976 by the Newspaper Company Asahi.

He also produced a number of painted silk scrolls which were later used as the basis for his woodblock prints.