Among the Toshi Yoshida works commissioned by the Franklin Mint is the “Birds of the Seasons” series.

Each of the four prints in the series is oversized (around 12″ x 20″ in printed area) featuring birds in trees reflecting the relevant season. I believe the prints were available framed in teak with rounded corners and acrylic ‘glass’ or unframed. As with the other series produced for the Franklin Mint the materials used for the mat, backboards and mounting tape are not usually of museum quality so the prints offer suffer damage as a result. I recently purchased Winter so now own all four prints from the series which are shown on the following woodblock print gallery pages.

Toshi Yoshida - Spring - SOLD
Toshi Yoshida – Birds of the Seasons – Spring
“Spring” is titled Hakubai ni Mau which translates as Flying around the Plum Tree.

Toshi Yoshida - Summer
Toshi Yoshida – Birds of the Seasons – Summer
“Summer” is titled Natsu.

Toshi Yoshida - Autumn
Toshi Yoshida – Birds of the Seasons – Autumn
“Autumn” is titled Momiji no Yasuragi which translates as Serenity of Red Maple.

Toshi Yoshida - Winter

Toshi Yoshida – Birds of the Seasons – Winter

“Winter” is titled Sekisetsu no Hakagei ni which translates as Sitting Under Snow-covered Leaves.