Hiyoshi Mamoru was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. He was a woodblock print artist and painter although it is his 1950’s woodblock prints that he is known for. All the woodblock prints I’ve seen by Hiyoshi Mamoru were printed by Kyoto Hanga-In and feature Korean daily life scenes in the early 1950’s. His prints can be quite colourful and are often signed in english M Hiyoshi. Hiyoshi Mamoru also produced woodblock prints depicting Japanese daily life. To date the only one I’ve seen is of Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River in Gifu Prefecture.

I’ve uploaded the three Hiyoshi Mamoru woodblock prints below to the gallery. Each priint is oban sized and depicts daily life in Korea from the early 1950’s.

Hiyoshi Mamoru - A Snowman - SOLD
Hiyoshi Mamoru – A Snow Man
A colourful print depicting a street scene with children building
a snowman.

Hiyoshi Mamoru - Korean Town Scene - SOLD
Hiyoshi Mamoru – Korean Scene – Gate of Castle
This woodblock print shows a street scene in Korea.

Hiyoshi Mamoru - Town Scene in Korea (b) - SOLD
Hiyoshi Mamoru – Korean Street Scene
This woodblock print shows a busy street scene in Korea.