Three Toshi Yoshida woodblock prints have been added to the gallery.

Ishiyama Temple Kyoto which is Toshi Yoshida’s first post war and his first oban size print was produced in 1946 (which was also the same year his father Hiroshi Yoshida made his last woodblock print – Farmhouse). Silver Pavilion Kyoto from 1951 a year in which Toshi Yoshida produced 17 woodblock prints and lastly Irozaki Evening from 1961. There were four prints made from the same ‘Irozaki’ keyblock the other three being Irozaki Morning, Irozaki Day and Irozaki Afternoon.

I’ve recently purchased “Yoshida Toshi: Nature, Art and Peace by Eugene M. Skibbe” and some of the information listed for these latest woodblock print additions to the gallery has been taken from that. I’m happy to recommend it to my sites visitors.

Its usually available from Amazon and ebay. It can be found in our book shop here Be sure to check pricing on ebay as well – the postage will probably determine which one will be the cheaper purchase for you.