Two prints by Australian woodblock print maker Tom Kristensen have been uploaded to the gallery. The prints I’ve acquired are from what’s probably his smallest series of woodblock prints – two landscapes of the Blue Mountains in Australia.

He has an interesting eclectic range of work which includes the following:
– Australia landscapes of the Blue Mountains and the series ’36 Views of Green Island’
– Architectural/landscapes of Nantucket Island
– What I like to call the Macdonalds ‘Golden Arches’ series featuring the likes of Karl Marx, Chairman Mao and Marilyn Monroe.
– An abstract series on the infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly
– A series on US presidents
– Japanese manga from the series Kaiju Manga ( Pictures of Magical Animals) including a number of Godzilla prints and Astroboy.

Tom Kristensen - Mount Solitary Mount Solitary
Tom Kristensen - Three Sisters Three Sisters