Keiichi Takasawa -  Image of a beauty

“Image of a beauty”

The gallery has been updated with four prints by printmaker Keiichi Takasawa. Three are woodblock prints with the fourth being a lithograph. Takasawa was a highly regarded artist who won awards for his paintings and had two major woodblock print exhibitions in Paris in 1974 and 75. As with many Japanese printmakers his woodblock prints were often based on his paintings. It’s widely reported that the model for his bijin-ga (“pictures of beautiful women”) prints was his wife. Takasawa also produced two books – ‘A pictorial story of the kimono’ (1947), and ‘Women of Japan’ (1955) and produced illustrations for womens magazines.

There have been a number of high quality books produced of his work and I’ll try to include examples of those in the future. Links to the new gallery and prints are below.

Keiichi Takasawa Gallery

Image of a Beauty (Woodblock Print)
Pictures of Woman #3 (Woodblock Print)
Pictures of Woman #4 (Woodblock Print)
Pose (Lithograph)