Yoshida Toshi: Nature, Art, and Peace [Paperback] by Eugene M. Skibbe

Paperback: 92 pages, 16 full colour images
Publisher: Seascape Pubications, Edina, Minnesota USA.
Published: 1996
Language: English

Toshi Yoshida - Front Cover

Front Cover

Toshi Yoshida - Inner Cover

Inner Cover

Toshi Yoshida - Pages 10-11

Pages 10-11

Toshi Yoshida - Pages 14-15

Pages 14-15

Toshi Yoshida Pages 22-23

Pages 22-23

Toshi Yoshida - Page 27

Page 27

Toshi Yoshida - Pages 56-57

Pages 56-57

Toshi Yoshida - Pages 82-83

Pages 82-83

Must have book for the Toshi Yoshida collector. An interesting book outlining his life, family and work. This is not a catalogue raisonné – unfortunately none exists. The book is often available on eBay and Amazon.

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Other books on or by Toshi Yoshida include:

Varieties of The Japanese Print, Volume 1 [Hardcover] by Toshi Yoshida (only volume 1 was produced). The book includes 20 hand printed examples of Toshi Yoshida Japanese prints.

Japanese Print-Making: A Handbook of Traditional & Modern Techniques [Hardcover] by Toshi Yoshida (Author), Rei Yuki (Author).

Japanese Legacy: Four Generations of Yoshida Family Artists [Paperback] by Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Corporate Author) Laura W. Allen (Editor).

The Animal Picture Book Series by Toshi Yoshida. A childrens book series of 17 volumes – 20 were planned but the last three were never able to be completed by Toshi. Available in several languages (English, French, Japanese, others?).

A list of the reference books I own can be found here – Woodblock Printmaker Books. I’d be interested to receive comments on any books you can recommend.