We get regular questions from visitors about their woodblock prints. To make helping them easier we’ve added the facility to include attachments when using the Contact Us page. You can now include up to four attachments with a maximum size of 1mb per attachment. Only files with file extensions of pdf,gif,jpg,jpeg and png can be attached and sent. The attachments will be scanned for safety and anything suspicious will be deleted.

In the gallery we’ve added two new woodblock prints. Winter by Toshi Yoshida which is part of the Birds of the Seasons four print series and Minato (self titled by us) a limited edition print by Noriyuki Ushijima.

The Yoshida Winter print has been reframed in its original teak frame and acrylic ‘glass’ but with new archival quality mats and backing. We now own all four prints in the Franklin Mint series – it took a while but we finally got there. The print is better than the current gallery image shows. We recently purchased an Epson WF7520 A3 size printer and scanner so as time permits we hope to be able to progressively upload images that more accurately reflect the woodblock prints replacing the photo images which tend to wash out the colours quite a lot.