MY attempts to email replies to a couple of enquires (both from AOL email addresses) have been failing so in lieu of having no other way to contact them I’ve posted my replies below.

For Shannon (Hiyoshi Mamoru Woodlbock)

Although I’ve owned a few prints by Hiyoshi Mamoru I don’t really know much about the artist. They have a value but it’s not high, usually somewhere from $100-$200 – I’m not a valuer or appraiser, that’s what I’ve seen them sell for.

I sold my prints to Ross Walker who runs OhmiGallery and has the biggest collection I’ve seen – you can see his for sale prints by Hiyoshi at Ohmigallery and his personal (not for sale) collection at Dr. Ross Walker Collection.

The are several versions of the print with different seals/signatures – maybe 4 or 5, which implies it has been reprinted several times.

For Nancy (Unidentified prints)
The two prints are by Keiko Yurimoto.

You will find details on these prints at and I’m not a valuer so can’t help you with that but one of the prints above is for sale at $240.

The bottom most seal on the lower right hand side of your copy the print Japanese Girl and Shamisen is not present on the Ohmigallery copy and I found another copy at which has a circular seal. Presumably the woodblock has been reprinted at various times.

If you go to and enter Yurimoto into the “Artist name keyword” field and click Search you’ll find other works by this printmaker.