In my never ending search for Toshi Yoshida woodblock prints on the net I recently came across a source of his posthumous work I wasn’t previously aware of.

Whilst I have in the past spent I have spent quite a lot of time on the Mokuhankan website by David Bull I never previously noticed that he sells a good selection of Toshi Yoshida’s posthumous prints. David’s and sites contain lots of useful information about woodblock print making, the various people involved in making them and the materials and techniques used. If you’re interested in printmaking and woodblock prints then it’s a great resource to look around.

Shinkichi Numabe the Yoshida printer is the printer for many of the Toshi Yoshida posthumous woodblock prints that are available in the market today. These days he also works with David Bull.

If you’re looking for posthumous prints then it’s worthwhile to check out the inventory over at the website.