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Tom Kristensen - Mount Solitary

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Artist:Tom Kristensen (1962 -)
Title:Mount Solitary - The Blue Mountains
Edition:Limited edition 3/15, pencil signed at lower right.
Publisher:Tom Kristensen
Printer:Tom Kristensen
Carver:Tom Kristensen
Description:Woodblock print showing Mount Solitary in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney (Australia). The printed image is 13 1/2" x 8 1/2" and the sheet size is 17 1/4" x 10 3/4".

The following description has generously been provided by Tom Kristensen.
The Mount Solitary print was an unusual project for me, I made it as a pair to the Three Sisters. I didn't have a lot of paper - its a particularly fine Iwano Ichibei washi - so I closed the edition at 15 prints with a few AP copies. The AP copies are nice enough copies, but they will have a speck somewhere that I didn't think passable. Sometimes I look at these copies later and think I have been too hard on myself. Normally I make too many prints, this time I made too few.

With my prints I make them all in one sitting which usually takes a few days to a week including the proofing stage where colours and techniques are settled. While I do keep the blocks I am not likely to reprint from them, and if I did I would make a distinctly different print.

Each of these prints follows this set-up
1 cedar block for the sandstone texture, 1 impression
1 pine block for the foliage texture, 1 impression - these two blocks are sandblasted to bring out the grain.
4 cherry block for the sky and the valley with at least 2 impressions per block

Where a bokashi is used I sometimes do an impression early and then use the rest of the block to over-print. If the end result needs a little more power, I will lay down another bokashi impression. This has the advantage of leaving wet areas of the paper to dry a little before reprinting. I can't claim to know exactly how many impressions there are, but we could say 12 and not be far off. As you will have noticed i have made extensive use of goma-zuri to keep an open texture that feels more like foliage.
Editors Note:
Bokashi is a colour gradation of a single color by hand applying a gradation of ink to a moistened wooden printing block, rather than inking the block uniformly. Goma-zuri is a sesame seed (speckled) pattern.

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