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Mostly woodblock print related but some not. If you want to search for woodblock prints or a specific artist or print title then try the “Search 90+ Woodblock Sites” box in the sidebar which will search all the woodblock sites on this page and others.

OhmiGallery – Dr Ross Walker
Huge personal collection and sales gallery. Woodblock prints, watercolours, kuchi-e, books
Excellent service. Japanese woodblocks, Chinese prints, Books, Drawings and Oils.
Sadly this site which offered woodblock prints (and one of the only places that sold the works of Osamu Sugiyama) at competitive prices and great service is now closed.

David Bull – Tokyo Printmaker
Woodblock prints and extensive video diaries showing the woodblock carving and printing processes. Dave’s work on the highly successful Ukiyo-e Hero’s Kickstarter and subsequent Chibi Hero’s continues with a new Ukiyo-e Hero print approximately every two months and a new pair of the smaller Chibi Hero prints every month. This is probably the site I visit the most of all the sites on this page.

Japanese Art Open Database – Dr Ross Walker
Large searchable database of Japanese arts (woodblock prints, litho, paintings)

WinOne Super Command Shell for Windows
Useful tool for website developers and users. I mostly use it to scan for text strings in HTML, PHP or CSS in the WordPress core, themes or plugins to make changes or implement fixes.

Nutrition Products – I love the REV3 drink in the cans – a healthier alternative to soft-drinks.

Stretching programs on DVD – A nice change from full-on yoga or pilates classes.

Dilbert Comic Strips – A Dilbert a day keeps the doctor away. :-)

TradeMe – The ‘eBay’ of New Zealand, not much in the way of woodblocks but lots of NZ local art.

Image Quick Links – Direct links to all gallery images (hopefully) on this website.

Woodblock Print Sites

Chinese Woodblocks

Chinese Woodblock Prints
Auction Records for Chinese Art Prints – artelino
artelino – New auction records for Chinese art prints in China.
artelino – Catalog of art galleries.
Shi Yi –
Chinese artists – Artelino
artelino – Biography of Chinese artist Xu Chengchun

Japanese Woodblocks

Japan Auctions with 1 click! eBay Japan information
The one stop shop service for auctions in Japan. You can bid on Japanese online auctions and have them sent to your home country. eBay Japan information
ARTFACT.COM : Find, Price & Research Antiques and Fine Art
Art, antiques, collectibles: over $80 billion in auction prices; reference info. Find now at auction: over 500,000 artists & over $80 billion in antiques & collectibles
Bid in Online Auctions – Live Auctioneers
Find online auctions from around the world at Live Auctioneers. Bid on collectibles, antiques, jewelry and art auctions. Is your auction company looking for online bidding to complement your existing business model? Become a Live Auctioneer.
Variety of authentic Japanese Art & Antiques available for online purchase, such as Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints, Netsuke, Ceramics, Anime Cels and more. Information relating to Japanese art and antiques are available on-line as educational resources.

Bakufu Ohno

Eldred’s Auction Gallery – East Dennis, MA
Ohno Art Auction Objects
artelino – Display of an art auction object with detailed description
Woodblock Prints For Sale – Ohmi Gallery
A small selection of shin hanga and ukiyoe Japanese woodblock prints on sale.
Ohno Bakufu – Garden $225
Era Woodblock Prints. Artist: Ohno Bakufu [signatureand seal}<br> Title: Seiren-In Garden in Kyoto<br> Date: 1950s<br> Size: Oban, approximately 16 x 11 inches<br> Publisher: Kyoto

Hashiguchi Goyo

Kokoro Japanese Art – Gallery
Beautiful original and reproduction Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints at affordable prices

Hideo Nishiyama

Asian Collection Internet Auction Categories

Ishikawa Toraji
Japan Gallery Ishikawa Toraji

Ito Shinsui

Harashobo Ukiyoe Online Selection
hanga gallery . . . torii gallery: Autumn at Lake Nojiri by Ito Shinsui

Ito Takashi

floatingworld search page
Buying and selling Japanese Woodblock Prints and paintings, Japanese wood block prints, Hiroshige prints, Hokusai woodblocks, Saito, Yoshida, Shinsui, Jacoulet, Japanese artists woodblock prints
F&R Fine Arts, Japanese Woodblock Prints Gallery
F&R Fine Arts : Available Item – 20th Century 19th Century European Artists China Trade Prints Japanese Woodblock Prints, print gallery, Hiroshi Yoshida, Kawase Hasui, Paul Jacoulet, Toshi Yoshida, Ohara Shoson, Sadao Watanabe,
Japanese Woodblock Prints Online Gallery – Japanese Woodblock Prints from Castle Fine Arts
Specializing in fine 18th to 20th Century Japanese woodblock prints, Castle Fine Arts has been providing fine art to collectors, corporations, museums, and the trade since 1977.
JAPANESE GALLERY, London. Buy ukiyoe prints online.
One of the world’s leading specialist in Japanese art & ukiyo-e prints – established 1978.

Katsuyuki Hishijima

F&R Fine Arts – Nishijima
F&R Fine Arts : Available Item – 20th Century 19th Century European Artists China Trade Prints ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping
Japanese Antiques – Nishijima originals $225
Jcollector offers the finest selection of Japanese antiques and Chinese and Asian art including classic Japanese tansu, Japanese screens and scrolls, Asian porcelain and pottery, dolls and folk items
Kokoro Japanese Art – Gallery
Beautiful original and reproduction Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints at affordable prices
Randall Antiques and Fine Arts: Nishijima Katsuyuki Gallery
Ukiyoe Gallery – Thumbnails

Osamu Sugiyama

Fushigi Nippon – Sugiyama Osamu (1946 – н.в.)
Сайт о Японии. У нас Вы найдёте авторские статьи на тематики: культура Японии, история Японии, японская кухня, японское искусство и литература. А так же схемы оригами, обзоры аниме, рецепты японской кухни и многое другое!
Osamu Sugiyama – Yoshida 2008
Gary-Donald Arts: Osamu SUGIYAMA
yoshida academy exhibition
Archive of Art Auctions of Japanese and Chinese Prints
artelino – Archive of past auctions of Japanese and Chinese prints
Cullom Gallery
Online gallery selling ukiyo-e, modern, and contemporary Japanese woodblock prints and other works on paper. The retail gallery is in Seattle, WA.

Paul Binnie
Saru Gallery – Japanese prints and japanese paintings
The Blue Rim Gallery Online Store » My Collection

Sanzo Wada

Ohmi Gallery Print Search results for Wada, Sanzo
Search results for Wada, Sanzo. Japanese woodblock prints, serigraphs (silkscreens), watercolors, lithographs, and scrolls.
Saru Gallery – Japanese prints and japanese paintings
ギャラリーそうめい堂>現代版画 Contemporary > 和田 三造 Wada Sanzo
和田 三造の作品をお探しなら、ギャラリーそうめい堂へ。 HPに掲載していない作品も多数ございます。
Hara Shobo Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints


Unsodo Han Seals
Shin-Hanga Seal Finder – – Doi seals – – –
Publisher, printer and carver seals used on Koitsu and DOI prints
Publisher, printer and carver seals used on Tsuchiya Koitsu prints. – – home page – – –
This site is devoted to the needs and interests of serious shin hanga collectors. We aim to provide a means for sharing and receiving the best available shin hanga research and information. – – Date Translation – – –
Shiro Kasamatsu – dating and editions

Takeji Asano

hanga gallery: Takeji Asano
Ukiyoe Gallery – Asono first edition
Ukiyoe Gallery – Asano later
Woodblock Prints by Takeji Asano
A small selection of woodblock prints by Takeji Asano on sale.
Asano 8 views of Fuji
Sasajima Kihei (sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut),Shinagawa Takumi (sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut),Hasegawa Tomisaburo(sosaku-hanga Japanese woodblock print),Asano Takeji- (sosaku-hanga Japanese woodblock print), Asano Takeji-2(sosaku-hanga Japanese woodblock print),Hiratsuka,Un’ichi,Unichi(sosaku-hanga Japanese woodblock print),Sasajima,Kihei(sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut), Kakihara,Toshio(sosaku-hanga Japanese woodblock print),Kanamori Yoshio (sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut),Yamaguchi Gen (sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut)
Saru Gallery – Japanese prints and japanese paintings
Roe and Moore,art gallery and dealer in fine art and prints.
Roe and Moore,art gallery and dealer in original fine art, prints and art books by modern British and 20th Century Artists such as Francis Bott,Michael Renton, Fred Richards, Henry Moore,S.W.Hayter and David Hockney.
美術店 絵草子 創作版画

Tatsumi Shimura

Gallery Sobi Pallas/Paintings Catalogues
Shimura_Tatsumi -Edition seals example
Gallery Sobi Pallas – Tatsumi Shimura

Torii Kotondo

Woodblock Prints by Torii Kotondo
A small selection of woodblock prints by Torii Kotondo on sale.
Kotondo Torii Art
View and purchase Japanese art and woodblock prints from various artists. Extensive online gallery includes hundreds of fine prints. Japanese etchings, wood block, silkscreen, stencil form
famouse artists.

Toshi Yoshida

Browse –
Castle Fine Arts
Christopher Walton Antiques – Welcome
Christopher Walton – Antiques: Japanese Watercolors & Woodblock Prints. Oriental antiques, American collectibles, European pottery, porcelain, general antiques, collectibles.
Clars Auction Gallery – Calendar
The east bay premier auction house for paintings, sculpture, other fine art, antiques, books, jewelry, toys, dolls, collectible memorabilia, and more. Authenticity and condition guaranteed. Yoshida Family prints
Large collection of Toshi Yoshida prints for sale and several auctions a year at
Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia – Luber Gallery
JASGP is the primary organization in the Greater Philadelphia region devoted to fostering relationships between Japanese and Americans. From networking events to the annual Subaru Cherry
Blossom Festival and the Philadelphia-Japan Health Sciences Dialogue, from our Japenese Conversation Club to lectures and seminars, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia offers numerous ways to get involved in the Japanese and American communities in Philadelphia. Please join us for one of our upcoming events!, The Gilbert Luber Gallery, which opened in 1975, was the first gallery
in Philadelphia to handle the works of Japanese artists — the old as well as the contemporary. Shirley and Gilbert Luber made their first trip to Japan in the early 70&#39;s and st
JAPANESE GALLERY, London. Buy ukiyoe prints online.
One of the world’s leading specialist in Japanese art & ukiyo-e prints – established 1978.
Japanese Prints – Yoshida
Japanese Woodblock Print Gallery Established in 1975, specializing in Japanese Woodblock Prints, Japanese Prints, Japan Prints and Ukiyo-e. Buy Japanese Prints, Sell Japanese woodblock
prints, Appraise Japanese Prints. Japanese print Collection includes Hiroshige, Hasui, Yoshitoshi, Hokusai, and Kunichika
Japanese Woodblock Prints
Kotobuki – Ukiyo-e Auction and Gallery – Room Page
Kotobuki Ukiyo-e Gallery and Auction
Randall Antiques and Fine Arts Drawings Yoshida Toshi Gallery
Spring Select Auction – Plum
The Ren Brown Collection YOSHIDA Toshi
Toshi Yoshida F&R Fine Arts, Fine Arts
Toshi Yoshida – japanese char translations
Toshi Yoshida Prints — ‘Pencil-Signed’ vs ‘Block-Signed’ Editions
Toshi Yoshida signatures
artelino – Biography of Japanese artist Toshi Yoshida
Ukiyoe Gallery – Thumbnails
Zacha’s Bay Window Gallery :: Toshi Yoshida
Mendocino Art Galleries ~ Art Galleries in Mendocino, William Zacha Bay Window Art Gallery. View the works of Mendocino Art Center artists, Bill Zacha, Toshi Yoshida, Hilda Pertha, Dorr Bothwell,
Fran Moyer and Charles Stevenson.
TOJ Gallery – Japanese Woodblock Prints
The Gilbert Luber Collection: Toshi Yoshida
An extensive collection of antique and contemporary Japanese art prints.

Hirakawa Toshio

Hirakawa Toshio
Hirakawa Toshio’s artworks, history.

Willy Seiler – Etchings

Willy Seiler Shogun Gallery – Fine Japanese Woodblock Prints & Mogul & Persian Miniature Paintings – Shogun Gallery – Fine Japanese Woodblock Prints & Mogul & Persian Miniature Paintings

Odds and Ends

Antique Decorative Art and Fine Art on TROCADERO
Antiques, fine art and decorative art from thousands of discerning American, European and Asian art dealers conveniently available on one online venue.
Auction Ukiyo-e
Directory of Members/Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan — the world of Woodblock Printmaking
This web site is the home of the [Baren] discussion forum on woodblock printmaking, and the Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking.
Ukiyoe Gallery
[]Japanese-antiques & collectibles …direct from Japan!
Buy Japanese prints here! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Asian Collection Internet Auction and Gallery of Japanese Woodblock Prints
Asian Collection,Asian prints,Art auction,Japanese woodblock prints,Japanese paintings,Chinese prints,Chinese paintings
Beauty – Mita Arts Gallery
Beauty from Mita Arts Gallery
Josef Lebovic Gallery Collectors’ List 125 2007 Asian Images & Inspiration
Ruby Lane: Antiques & Art, Vintage Collectibles, Jewelry: Sat, December 13th
Stroll down Ruby Lane to find quality Antique, Collectible, Fine Art, Jewelry and Vintage items for sale at a fixed price from hundreds of independently owned shops. – – Articles – – Cleaning Shin Hanga Prints – – – – – Doi seals – – –
Era Woodblock Prints – Vintage Japanese Art
We specialize in 20th century Japanese woodblock prints. Our galleries feature artists such as Kawase Hasui, Tsuchiya Koitsu and Takahashi Shotei as well as modern woodcuts.
Ukiyo-e D. A.Directory(Tokyo,Yokohama)
Hara Shobo Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints
ギャラリーそうめい堂>新版画 Shinhanga > 笠松 紫浪 Kasamatsu Shiro > 日光華厳の滝
笠松 紫浪の作品をお探しなら、ギャラリーそうめい堂へ。HPに掲載していない作品も多数ございます。