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Toshi Yoshida Japanese Woodblock Prints

吉田 遠志

Toshi Yoshida - The Friendly Garden Triptych

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Artist:Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995)
Title:The Friendly Garden Triptych
Edition:"The Friendly Garden" Triptych - Commissioned by the Franklin Mint. Pencil-signed (in Japanese "kanji") signature reads "Yoshida Toshi."
Publisher:Yoshida Studio
Printer:Yoshida Studio
Carver:Yoshida Studio
Description:Triptych of oversize (approx 10 inches x 19 inches) prints produced in the Yoshida studio in Japan. The prints are titled Pine Tree, Bamboo Tree and Plum Tree.

Each of the three prints in the limited edition Friendly Garden series commissioned by the Franklin Mint was framed in teak and matted in pure silk, on hand-pulled high quality Japanese paper. Nineteen woodblocks were carved. When released by the Franklin Mint the prints cost $150 each with Pine Tree issued first, then Bamboo Tree and lastly Plum Tree. I believe the official name for the series is "The Garden of the Three Friends" but it tends to be referred to as the Friendly Garden Tryptch or Series. The prints can suffer damage due to non-archival materials being used in framing.

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